We supply restaurant charcoal wholesalers, packers and restaurants through all Europe. Wooden charcoal is sourced from a number of suppliers from Argentina, Paraguay and Cuba which we have chosen for the quality of their charcoal. The quality of charcoal is continually monitored. Our wooden charcoal can be delivered as full load delivery (truck), a single pallet or one bag sale to final consumer per piece through our online shop.

Our wooden charcoals are popular with BBQ restaurants, Tandoor restaurants, open grill restaurants, street food vendors, Josper restaurants, Weber and Big Green Egg concepts….

Liběna Urbanová
CEO / Founder

Liběna is a visionary, entrepreneur, and investor who has played an instrumental role in the evolution of the company

Jarka Šnejdarová
Marketing Director

Jarka guides strategic direction for company and leads the marketing, sales, services.

Robert Horvai
Businness Director

Robert is responsible for strategy and operations of physical stores, online store and wholesale operations.

Raúl Dos Santos
Customer Support

Raul is responsible to overseen supply chain, service and support,